New gym in town for everyone in town – that’s wonderful news to me!

My neighborhood was always two decades behind the rest of the country as far as I could tell. We’re small, sure, but plenty of small towns get a special 3-D movie theater before the year 2015. It’s only been the last few years that the neighborhood has started to certainly grow and develop! With these new changes and updates, there’s exciting things waiting around each corner. The new bowling alley and entertainment complex is just beautiful, as it is replacing the crumbling old multiple-screen cinema from fifty years ago. In fact, our first fitness center finally opened. I am not saying that the neighborhood never had a gym before, but the place had many to work with! There were a couple of gyms that were geared towards weights and lifting, as well as a gym that trained boxers and other fighters for the ring. This is different though – this is a health and fitness center, so there’s a lot that can be offered here! Classes on nutrition, coaches for all styles of exercise, physical therapy sessions, group swimming lessons – they’ve got it all! I myself am looking forward to trying this place out, and seeing if it’s really all that it’s cracked up to be. I’ve always wanted to try a yoga class, as my flexibility is just terrible these days, and I never had the chance until now! Maybe I will even give one of those crazy crossfit classes a try, and see if it’s something I could actually see myself doing.