New glasses needed

The other day, I was outside mowing the grass and tending to other bushes around the front yard. Since my eyes are more sensitive to light than average, I usually have to wear prescription sunglasses to see what I’m doing. Well, I made a pretty poor judgement call, and decided to set my very expensive sunglasses on top of the outdoor air conditioning unit. I thought nothing of it, as I turned away with a hedge trimmer to make some space around the A/C unit. Having heard my heating and air conditioning repair technician say it so many times, I knew that I needed at least three feet of open air space surrounding the outdoor A/C unit. That is, after all, how the unit breathes! Anyway, I trimmed away at the bushes as I heard the A/C unit turn on. When it did, my sunglasses vibrated right between the grill bars over the unit itself! Before I knew it, I could hear the sound of my specialized shades being torn apart by the fan inside the air conditioning unit. Not only did I now have to turn off the unit and check for damage to the fan blades, but I also had to see if any of my sunglasses could be salvaged. Of course, they could not – there was virtually nothing left of them! I was out a pair of sunglasses, as well as the cost that would come from having my HVAC technician repair my outdoor unit.

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