New garden tub

When my wife and I bought our house, we knew that the master bathroom needed to be remodeled.

  • The master bathroom was very small, and barely big enough for one person.

My wife and I really wanted a garden tub, but we didn’t have enough room in the master bathroom. Luckily, we had plenty of room in the bedroom. My wife and I decided to talk to a plumbing contractor about our remodel. We knew that we couldn’t perform the job on our own. My wife and I called around, until we found a plumbing contractor that would give us a free estimate. We made an appointment to speak with the contractor. The contractor came to the house and spoke with us about our bathroom remodel. The contractor offered a lot of helpful suggestions, and my wife and I were very impressed with his knowledge. He seemed excited to tackle the project, and he had a lot of great ideas. My wife and I were planning on waiting a few months to start the bathroom remodel, but the plumbing contractor really excited us. My wife immediately agreed to retain the plumbing contractor, so he could start on the job the following week. I was really surprised, because my wife was the one dragging her feet. The whole bathroom remodel took 10 days, and we couldn’t even sleep in our bedroom during that time. By the end of day 10, our master bathroom and bedroom were finished with the remodel. When my wife and I opened our eyes, we were completely shocked with the amazing transformation.

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