New dance is exhausting

Ever since my girlfriend and I got engaged, she has been hounding me to learn ballroom dancing. I don’t think of myself as the type of guy to ballroom dance, but she really wants me to learn. She dreams of a grand ballroom dance at our wedding, and I don’t know my left foot from my right foot. When I agreed to dance classes, she was very excited and anxious to find something soon. We attend a ballroom dance class on Tuesday nights. I even leave work an hour early, so I can shower before the class. The classes haven’t been easy, but learning has been fun. My wife enjoys dancing a lot, and she constantly smiles. Seeing her happy really does make me happy. Last Tuesday really tried all of my patience. My fiance and I arrived on time and the room was horribly warm. The instructor said the air conditioner wasn’t working. He didn’t want to cancel the class, because we were working on a new dance step. Without the air conditioner, the indoor air was warm and stagnant. I suggested that he turn off the air conditioner and use the fan. That would give us some air flow. The dance instructor didn’t know how to turn on the fan. I asked for access to the thermostat, so I could show him how to adjust the fan. When he took me to the back office, I looked at the thermostat. The air conditioner wasn’t on at all. As soon as I flipped the switch to cooling mode, cool air started to come from the air vents. The dance instructor looked at me, and he didn’t have anything to say.