Never want heated floors

I definitely never plan to buy the in-floor radiant heating system, but I think it is really trendy right now. It seems like everyone has one. I had a neighbor who obtained that system. I mean, she obtained everything. She had to have the plan that pumps the warm water through the pipes under the floor. She even had to waterproof everything. It was a crucial deal, plus it wasn’t affordable either. I don’t think exactly what she invested on the project, but it was all wasted when it sprung a leak. Her entire floor was destroyed. It was a while before she realized that it was leaking, plus despite the waterproofing, the current wood floors in the beach house were trashed. It destroyed a good amount. Not only did she have to have the heating pipe checked plus fixed, although she had to also buy a new chunk for her current floors. However, that was a strike to her budget, I’m sure. I felt so sorry for her, but what I took away from that event was that whenever I look into replacing our Heating & A/C system, I am so not buying that in-floor gas furnace. It isn’t worth it unless I am utilizing it with a floor that wouldn’t be destroyed by water! Just in case the plan ever had an problem or leaked. If I went to do that with wood floors, I would just have our neighbor’s problem in the back of our mind, plus I think I’d be so stressed over it. I’d love to spare myself that mess plus just go with something more usual plus not so high maintenance.

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