Never going again

My friends and family are constantly trying to convince me to get out of the house more often. They think that I have a problem with being a homebody and refusing to leave. They kept pushing me to join an online Meetup Group, which would have real life members meetings every few weeks. I was sincerely disinterested in this idea, but got so tired of being told that I was an agoraphobe. I finally pulled the trigger and signed up. As I expected, it was awful. When I arrived at the venue, I noticed an awkward looking group of people. I sat down, waiting for the event to begin. I think I had maybe been sitting for one minute before I realized this was going to be a terrible experience. Not only where the people super lame, but the air temperature in the venue was inadequate. It was like someone forgot to turn on the furnace that morning. The place was absolutely freezing cold, and I didn’t understand how these people were standing around so casually without crossing their arms and rubbing their hands together. I, personally, was covered in Goosebumps and absolutely shivering in my seat. I started looking around the venue, wondering where the air vents were and why the thermostat didn’t seem to be working. I had an idea to communicate about the unfortunate air temperature control settings. I picked up my phone and pretended to answer a phone call. I said the group was okay, but I was definitely not warm enough. I loudly explained that it was freezing cold inside and I wasn’t sure how long I could stick it out. I told my imaginary conversation partner that I sincerely hoped the furnace started working again soon. I thought that maybe other members would take a hint and figure out the thermostat issue or cancel the event entirely. Instead, they chuckled merrily and kept talking amongst themselves.

Air conditioner tune-up