Never forget about the air ducts

My wife and I had been talking about purchasing a new home. We knew that it was kind of rough to buy a new home, but we had full equity in ours and we could just sell our home and pay for the new one. I remember when we bought this house and how it was quite a fixer-upper. We had to install an entire HVAC system into the house before we could even think about moving in and doing the rest of the work. I don’t know if the kids of today are smart even to look at where to start when remodelling. You need to look at the important part of the transition. Without heating and air conditioning, you can’t live in a house. Why would you spend all of your money on cosmetics when you know that you’ll need to put in a new HVAC system. I would think that would be the top priority, all with the plumbing. We talked about moving, but we changed our minds quickly. We know what shape our home is in. We have always taken care of our home. We have our ductwork cleaned regularly and we know that it is going to last for a long time. Our furnace and air conditioning get regular cleanings every year and I change the air filters at least once a month, depending on what kind of weather we are having. I tell my kids that if you are buying a house, make sure the owners have taken care of their HVAC equipment before you even show interest..

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