Neighbors Heating and Air Conditioning component has a loud problem

I work from home. I love the peace and quiet and I get all of our work done while the youngsters are in college, but the cable is off and the only sounds I hear are the birds, however occasionally, I can hear one of the neighbor’s cats bark or a child cry. I live in a populated section so I also hear automobile doors close and traffic noises. Then, recently, I have been hearing what sounds love a diesel engine running, on and off, outside our house, but when I go to check it out, I don’t see any substantial trucks, however yesterday day, I had to get up legitimately early. I never walk our animal before sunrise however I had to this time, but after all, the animal has to use the bathroom in the day regardless of what I have planned. Anyway, I walked the animal about 2 houses down when I abruptly heard that diesel engine sound again. It startled me. I was beginning to believe there was a ghost truck in our town because when I looked around, there was no truck. Then I noticed that the sound was coming from one of our neighbors Heating and Air Conditioning systems outside. I don’t believe how they sleep with such a racket going on. It also can’t be normal for their Heating and Air Conditioning system to be so noisy. I knew there must be something wrong with it. The animal did her business, I left house and did what I had to do. And, would you believe it, when I got house I saw that there was an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier truck in front of our neighbor’s home. I believe I was right about there being some sort of Heating and Air Conditioning problem.


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