Negligence towards my HVAC system

When you first get out on your own, there are a few things you are inevitably going to learn the hard way. I thought I was in a good place when I rented my first apartment. I was paying my bills on time and budgeting everything out. I was conscious about where my money was going and did not buy extravagant things. I also kept things nice and clean in the apartment and my landlord was always pleased with the cleanliness I exhibited. I thought everything was going well, until I realized I had forgotten it was my responsibility to take care of the HVAC system. I had noticed the air quality in my home was getting worse and worse. There was a musty odor coming from the air conditioning system, and it sounded like it was having a hard time running. I am kind of embarrassed that it took a while to click in my brain that it was my fault. Six months into living in the apartment I realized I had never changed the air filter. Who knows the last time it had been changed before I even moved in? I quickly went to the store to get a fresh one. However, the damage had already been done. The HVAC system needed some pretty extensive repairs if it was going to be functioning well again. Luckily, I had been budgeting out a savings account. I managed to get the necessary repairs for my air conditioning system. From that point on, I was determined to change the air filters regularly and get the maintenance the HVAC system needed faithfully.

HVAC repair