Neglecting your furnace maintenance can lead to dire consequences

My friend Debbie hardly ever takes care of anything on time.

She’s just a perpetually late person.

This can get really annoying when you’re counting on her to give you a ride or to leave on time for a concert! But I think it’s even worse for her personally because she is a homeowner. She has trouble taking care of her lawn maintenance and anything else that has to do with regular upkeep of her house. For instance, Debbie has neglected her annual furnace tune-up in the fall ever since I’ve known her. It turns out that after years of dust, dirt, and debris building up in her furnace system, cracks started showing up in the furnace’s combustion chamber. Unbeknownst to Debbie, the cracks were releasing deadly carbon monoxide gases into her house! Thank goodness that the weather wasn’t too awfully cold. Debbie hadn’t had her thermostat turned up very high because the temperature outside hadn’t been that cold. If she had have been running her furnace all the time, she actually could have ended up dying from carbon monoxide poisoning! As it happened, she just ended up with blurred vision and some terrible headaches. Thank goodness someone mentioned it to her and she called the HVAC company to come out and repair her furnace before it was too late! It just goes to show you that you never neglect your fall furnace maintenance. Plus, it’s a really great idea to install a carbon monoxide detector close to your furnace. Otherwise, you might end up sick like Debbie was, or even worse!


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