Need to turn off climate control

For most families, it does not matter what season of the year that it is. It could be the dead of winter, or the peak of summer. Even spring and fall become victim to this thinking, as whatever time of the year that comes to pass, there is always one Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C question that is bound to be asked a dozen times! That question is the same one: “What setting should the people I live with and I have the thermostat set to?” The people I was with and I want excellent indoor air quality, and a temperature control that will not destroy our wallets. Some people insist you should set the temperature to your preferred temperature control, and leave it there at all times. Strange as it sounds, since that is intentionally leaving your A/C on even when you are not home, you will be using air conditioning to cool an empty house. Allegedly, it takes more energy to heat a cold house or to cool down a hot house than it takes to maintain your preferred temperature control. That might work in places that aren’t experiencing temperature extremes, but not here! The other team thinks the heating or cooling should be reduced at the thermostat if you expect to being gone for a long time. That is based on the idea that energy you will be saving by lowering the thermostat for those times when the house is empty, will eventually offset any costs you might incur by trying to heat up a cold house or air condition a hot one. Leaving your heating or cooling unit on all the time costs you more at the end of the week anyway. Maybe just think about your particular situation to know what’s best.

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