Need to replace the HVAC

When my sister, Angela and I received a letter from a lawyer a few months ago, we  were a bit confused. I never even realized we had an Aunt Florence, or that she knew we existed.  Apparently, my mother used to take us to visit her when we were little kids. Aunt Florence kept up with us over the years.  She had no children and ultimately left the bulk of her estate to me and Angela. She left us the house that she had lived in up until her death.  Now, Angela wanted nothing to do with the house. My sister lives out of state with her husband and kids, and she has a good job there. Angela had no interest in moving.  I live just on the outskirts of the neighborhood in an apartment. I was anxious to own a house. I paid my sister for her share. Going there the first time was a bit stressful.  I had no what to expect. As I suspected, everything was outdated. Aunt Florence kept up with maintenance but never replaced anything. I held an estate sale to get rid of the furnishings and raise money to purchase modern ones.  I then called a contractor to see how much needed to be done to bring the house up to modern standards. My main worry was the old boiler installed in the basement. I figured it would need to be upgraded. I had it serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor.  I was surprised when the HVAC technician told me that it simply needed to be cleaned. He said that with regular maintenance, the boiler would last for many years. He also recommended switching the old radiators for baseboard heaters.

HVAC upgrade