Need to get the cards printed

My child was recently talking about getting his business cards printed.  He had some entirely straightforward cards that provided his information, but his wife thought he needed something eye catching.  They contacted a printing company who helped with their design. His design has the first letter of his name as a pipe with water squirting out.  She thought it would be more effective & eye-catching, to have the business card in the shape of a pipe. She talked to the printing company who set up an appointment for she & my child to talk to them about the design.  The graphic arts designer helped her to disinfect up the design for his business card & then they provided them an estimate on the price for 100, 500, & 1000 business cards. Along with the business cards, they gave keychains & other little gadgets that could set up with the same design & his business information.  He wanted to forgo the extra things at the moment, & just order his business cards at that time. The printer did an amazing job with the magnetic business cards. They were identifiable & attracted a lot of attention. The water was realistic & it even had the foam at the end of the spray. The magnetic layover for the van was perfect.  I couldn’t guess how much could be done by a single printing company. They were a full-repair business that went from clothing to coloring books. My child could not have asked for better advertisement. With the help of the graphic designers & the job the printers did, he received many more shoppers from his van alone.