Need the HVAC situation handled

Being a physical therapist can be quite the challenge.  Many of our clients come to myself and others when they have been involved in some sort of disastrous event that has left them with an injury that is overwhelming, and whether it is a car accident, a brain injury, or a fall on the ice, the road to recovery can be quite the challenge for them.  One of the tools of the trade that I use is the heated therapy pool that the facility purchased. The sales rep that came out was really great, but, not as wonderful as the Heating and Air Conditioning worker that came out to install the heating system. You see, in order for heated aqua therapy to be as useful as possible, you need to make sure there is a minor rather than major transition from the air to the pool.  If there is an abrupt shock entering or getting out of the pool, it can cause a person’s muscles to tense. The tension completely negates any progress that our client would have made and put us back at the beginning. The worker that installed the gas furnace for the pool and the room made sure that I could truly adjust the temperature to the precise temperature I needed to make the best of each therapy hour. The hot water assists in relaxing the muscles and relieving any tension.  Being in pain from any accident or injury can be debilitating. I make it our personal mission to give every patient a pain free and stress free life. I think I never really considered that an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation would help my profession so much.