Need some HVAC

It is always important for the youth of today to learn how to be good human beings.  Our church has yearly mission trips when our youth outreach programs go to areas where they can assist with national emergency areas.  Last year, we had several hurricanes go through and one of the hurricanes were devastating to one particular area. When the storms were done, and the clean up was beginning, I took the kids down to help.  It was terribly hot and humid in the area. The water was slowly receding from the flooding, and mosquitoes were abundant. I’m sure the kids were all wishing they had air conditioning, but they worked hard and never complained.  Finally, it was time for us to go home. We were all ready to get to the airport, where we would have some AC, and get onto the plane to go home. Unfortunately, it was just as hot and humid in the airport as it was outside. One of the kids asked about the AC and he was brushed off and told to go back to his seat.  I was so upset that I went up and told him why the kids were there and that they had just spent two grueling weeks without air conditioning. We sat in the airport, waiting for our plane to come in so we could go home. We were finally able to get into the plane, where even that little bit of air conditioning felt good to all of us.  We settled into our seats, anxious to finally be back home.

forced air HVAC