Need a good a/c installation

The two of us honestly believe it would be easy to install our new window A/C, ventilation, in addition to furnace. The two of us didn’t need assistance, because the two of us felt that lifting the A/C device would absolutely be easy. The two of us could not have been more wrong, in addition to the fact that the two of us made some mistakes. The two of us only purchased a small window furnace, ventilation, in addition to A/C device. It was no bigger than the size of a large toaster oven. The two of us read the directions well before even attempting to make the installation. The two of us felt we had the sophistication to honestly install this furnace, find Malaysian, in addition to A/C device. The two of us had the thing in the window for a few moments, before it started to break free of our adhesive. Before the two of us could honestly jump to save the unit, it toppled down to the ground in addition to arrive with a quick loud thud. The two of us saw some neighbors across the way clapping in addition to laughing, which honestly text us off even more. The two of us thought someone could have provided free help, but no they did not. The two of us were happy to find out that the furnace in addition to A/C device was still working. Unfortunately, our brand new investment just got a major ding down the left side. It’s going to stick out like a sore thumb.

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