My wife went camping with us

My children and I were planning on going camping for a week and I was doing my best to convince my wife to go with us.

I knew that she didn’t like camping.

She was allergic to bug bites and she had an allergy to the dust. I was online and I found a place where I could rent an RV. The RV came complete with HVAC and a bathroom. I asked her if she would go with us if I rented an RV for the week and she looked excited to go with us. I was so glad and so were the kids. We planned a shopping trip for the next day. We went for all of the supplies we needed for the camping trips. We bought new sleeping bags, a family sized tent and all of the food. I even picked up a small portable HVAC system for the tent. I didn’t know what the weather was going to be like in the mountains and I wanted the kids to be comfortable. We picked up the RV the following day and headed up to the mountains. My wife decided to go miniature golfing with us when she found out we had bug repellent with us, but other than that, she didn’t come out very often. I think she was just enjoying the air conditioning inside. The kids were tucked into their sleeping bags and they were enjoying the portable HVAC system we had bought. I wish I had been sleeping in the tent, but I didn’t want my wife to get angry with me.