My wife was stunned when she realized we had a new HVAC in our home

We have gone through numerous complications with our HVAC system over the years.

While my wife has been telling me that it’s time to upgrade the HVAC, I felt like the HVAC still had a few good years left.

I guess I was right in a way, it was able to last but it was having problems left and right. These problems were adding up and becoming rather expensive. On top of that, the energy bills were starting to soar and I realized that my wife was entirely right that we needed a new HVAC system awhile ago. When we were in need of another repair, my wife was so exasperated and said, “What are we going to do, continue to pay a fortune to fix this old HVAC system?” I told her I was going to do whatever it takes to make everything right with the HVAC system. She didn’t know what I was talking about but she assumed that I was just going to have them fix the old HVAC system again. In actuality, I was listening to my wife back then to a certain degree. When she said we needed a new HVAC, I did think the HVAC could last but I also started a seperate savings account for the purpose of the new HVAC system. Because I was able to make the old HVAC last a few more years, I managed to save a good amount of money for a brand new HVAC. I ended up having radiant heated floors installed along with a new energy efficient cooling system. My wife was in total shock when she came home to the new HVAC system from work.
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