My wife needs proper ventilation because of pregnancy

My wife and I have been attempting to have children for a few years, and we finally found out that she was pregnant a few months ago.

  • It was my birthday that month so you can imagine how excited I was to find out on my birthday that my wife was pregnant.

However, these last few months have been pretty devastating for our family. My wife has been pretty sick for the last few months, and it has been rough on us. We have had to upgrade our HVAC units to help her to survive this pregnancy. One thing that she is particularly sensitive about it smells. We have had to check and change every air filter in our HVAC unit to help eradicate any smell in our house. After upgrading our air filters to the best ones that money could buy, we realized that we might have to invest in a complete ventilation system. This HVAC system would supply our house with fresh air, eliminating the odors that made my wife so nauseated. Along with the ventilation problems, we have also struggled with the thermostat for these last few months. She can’t ever decide if she wants to use the air conditioner or the furnace, and it is driving me insane. I never know how I am supposed to dress in my own home because the thermostat is changed so often. I can’t wait until the second trimester of the pregnancy when the air filters and thermostats will no longer be as much of an issue. I also can’t wait to meet my baby for the first time.


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