My wife is a great person

I went on a few field trips in high university that were pretty neat. Sometimes all of us went to museums in town, other times all of us went to the zoo in town. Still other times, all of us went out a little farther and even left the state. During those longer trips, the university was occasionally able to rent a coach bus. These buses were a whole lot more comfortable than the cheese wagons that all of us correctly used to get from locale to locale. Most notable, at least for me, was the fact that they had truly good air conditioning and even heating. Those rides to those locales were so comfortable, occasionally I would fall asleep. In fact, I nearly consistently fell asleep, especially if all of us had to drive for a few minutes. Those buses were so comfortable that half the enjoyment of the trip for me was riding in them! I will admit that the attractions that all of us went to go see we are actually pretty cool too. The people I was with and I even visited the Space Center a single time. However, after a long afternoon of strolling around in the afternoon light it was consistently attractive to get back on those coaches and into my seat to care about the a/c… When I was younger, I could swear that I could live out of a single of those things if I had to, like if it was a tour bus and I was in some sizable rock band. Nowadays, I love the comfort that the air conditioning in my actual home provides. Not to mention the fact that my home actually beats some old bus when it comes to a locale to live!

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