My wife adjusted the air conditioner and didn’t tell me

My wife and I have been bickering and complaining about each other ever since we got married.

Now, these aren’t actual arguments.

They are just us laughing and picking on each other for our differences. Let me give you an example. My wife and I always keep the air conditioner at the same temperature all of the time. I hate being sweaty, and my wife doesn’t mind putting on some clothing to make her comfortable with the thermostat setting. However, one day, while I was working outside on our house, my wife adjusted the thermostat to a super high temperature, effectively turning the air conditioner off and just leaving the fan blowing. This didn’t bother me much, because when I walked inside from working outside all day, the temperature of the room still felt cooler than it was outside. It wasn’t until I laid in bed that night that I realized the house was a lot warmer than it usually is. The air conditioner makes our bedroom colder than any area of the house, which is great for us because then I can sleep better. I asked my wife if she had changed the air conditioner to a different setting, and she said that the fan was still on low. I didn’t realize that she had answered craftily! When I woke up in the morning, I was covered in sweat! That is when she complained that the air conditioner needed to be turned up. I told her that it shouldn’t be able to get much colder and that the air conditioner might be broken. That is when she told me that she had changed the thermostat and had never changed it back!

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