My unit needs some work

Boy, this has been a rough couple of weeks.  We have spent it trying to make up for weeks of mistakes that the two of us weren’t even aware of until a single of our customers called to voice a complaint.  We addressed that a single immediately however realized that the problem may have been happening for quite a while. The customer called us to complain about a bill that they had acquired in the mail.  Now, it was normal for us to bill customers for services when they were not paid at the time of the repair call. We are truly a single of the few Heating and A/C service sites in neighborhood that don’t demand payment at the time of service.  We offer this so that people can have repairs done in emergencies and not feel pressured. We want our customers to have heat or a/c when the weather is serious without worrying. The problem was, this customer said that they had paid money for the services at the time of the call.  The worker had said that he wouldn’t do the repairs without payment. We started going over the records and found that several of our older customers had cancelled their accounts with us. When the two of us made iphone calls the two of us found that they were not blissful about being double billed for repair calls.  The worker in questions was immediately fired however the two of us had to offer a free repair call to the customers in order to receive them back. We also had to change our receipts to study at the top, “Do not Pay Technician”, at the top. We truly felt terrible about the whole thing and from now on the two of us will be more careful about who the two of us hire.

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