My troubles just began

I’m doing my best right now to get a grip on my life and make some positive changes. I tend to be overrun with terrible anxiety that prevents me from living life to the fullest, and I’ve taken a stand against it in recent weeks. I’m challenging myself to go out there and explore new things, meet new people, and embrace novel experiences.That’s how I wound up with a brand new front desk job at a local dentist office recently. I thought the job was a good match and would bring me out of my comfort zone, however I didn’t realize just how far out of my indoor comfort zone. See, the office likes to keep the thermostat set at 60 degrees year round. In the depths of winter, they leave the furnace completely powered off most days. During the summers, they use the central AC as if it’s going out of style. Sitting in one place at a desk all day is freezing cold, and it only gets colder throughout the day. However, I feel even worse for the clients, who must be trying to keep their teeth from chattering in the overabundant cooling setup. I can’t imagine having to lay still while shielding myself against the overhead air vent as it blew frigid air all over my face. It sounds terrible! That’s why I’ve been resorting to some of my old tactics and increasing the thermostat a few degrees when no one is looking. I figure, if I do it steadily over time, maybe the dentist won’t notice the increasing indoor temperature or the lower monthly utility bills.

cooling unit