My son was a walking advertisement for the HVAC company

Recently, my son had this project he had to do for school.

He said that he had to get a bunch of ad clippings and stuff from magazines to put on a poster board.

I got him the poster board and also provided him with a bunch of magazines and newspaper ads that he could work with. He said that was going to be perfect for his project. When he finally showed me his finished poster, I thought it was quite impressive. Everything was organized in categories, and there were a lot of good advertisements and sales. I was most impressed with the HVAC section on his poster. There were high quality air filters for half off at the hardware store, and I was thinking that I had to go pick up some of those air filters while they were so cheap. There was even a new HVAC company in our area advertising their HVAC system maintenance plans for half off the first year. I thought it would be a good idea to get on a good HVAC system maintenance plan, and you certainly couldn’t beat the price. I took down the number and I called up the HVAC company. They were really nice on the phone, and I ended up enrolling in the maintenance plan. My son said that even a bunch of his teachers were impressed and took down the information. They also ended up getting on HVAC system maintenance plans with that HVAC company. My son was like a walking advertisement with his project, but he was saving people money!

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