My son got us a really great anniversary gift this year

This year for our anniversary, our son got us a really great anniversary gift that we didn’t even know we wanted.

We have been complaining off and on about our old thermostat system for months now, and I guess our son really started listening in on our conversations about it.

I had no idea that he would be so thoughtful as to go and purchase a brand new digital programmable thermostat system for our home as an anniversary gift for us. Our son is only 17 and we thought that this thermostat was actually a very mature and thoughtful gift. Plus, it really wasn’t cheap, either! He knew that we needed one in the house and so he read several different HVAC blogs and he did lots of research to try and figure out which thermostat would be the best one for us, and which one would be compatible with our heating and cooling system. He did a great job, and he even went to the HVAC company all by himself to pick out the one that he had decided on. I was so proud of him when I saw what he had chosen for us as an anniversary gift this year. I thought it was really thoughtful and it also shows us just how mature he has become. Now whenever he has his own home someday, he will already know everything that he needs to know about thermostat units. Maybe this might even inspire him to go into the heating and cooling industry. You just never know what might happen!



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