My son broke our undefined while climbing on it

I absolutely agree that the joys of parenthood outweigh the difficult times, but that does not mean that everyday is enjoyable, however i have several little 1s, and I appreciate them dearly.

My oldest is seven, and he is just starting to get to the age where he has a bit more freedom but not as much as he wants… He and I have had some pretty heated discussions lately, and I hope that he understands why I have certain rules for him.

One of those rules is not climbing all over everything in the residing room. I do not mind if he plays in there, but I told him not to climb on things appreciate the and our end tables! Well, he decided that he wanted to climb up on the and jump off. I found out later that he had been doing that for a few weeks whenever I would leave the room. One day, I heard a crash in the residing room, and I ran to see what was wrong, the had fallen forward out of the window and onto the residing room floor. The entire front of it was broken in pieces, and it has not worked right ever since. My child felt genuinely bad, and I guess that he l acquired his lesson the difficult way. He told me that he was about to jump off the appreciate regular when the entire thing just came crashing down. I am not glad about what happened, but I guess he l acquired his lesson. My partner has been looking at s to see if he can find a enjoyable deal on a new 1.



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