My situation is very safe

My job requires me to travel a couple times a month.  It’s nice to get out of the office and travel around this great country. Most of the time, I have to travel west where the weather is much warmer than where I live in the northeast. In the summer months, it’s important I stay in hotels with great air conditioning.  I am a very sensitive sleeper, and cannot get comfortable in the heat. Two weeks ago I had a terrible hotel experience. My work booked me a hotel I’ve stayed at previously but this time my room didn’t have a properly working A/C. I arrived to my room and the HVAC unit refused to turn on.  I immediately called the front desk and asked if I could switch rooms but I was informed they were fully booked for the night. They told me they would call a HVAC technician, but they likely wouldn’t be here until morning. Naturally I was frustrated, it was in the 90s outside and very humid.  I kept fussing with the A/C but nothing was working. What a disappointment! Rather than suffer through the night, I decided to pack my bags and find a new hotel, one that had a working air conditioner. I got to my new room and cranked their high functioning A/C unit. It was wonderful. Sure enough I got a great night’s sleep and woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to work.  I wish businesses would have their HVAC units inspected regularly. Business will suffer if they can’t keep their customers comfortable.

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