My sister really should work out rather than eat less

The talk around my house is how great my sister looks.

She used to be really overweight and has lost a ton recently.

I agree, she looks way better. She lost fifty pounds of fat and is able to move around easier. But, I can’t get onboard with my family acting like she is a fitness expert now. My sister is now preaching about how to be healthy and the right way to lose weight. I’m sorry, but it is way easier to lose weight when you have extra pounds floating in there. My sister simply stopped eating cheetos and more vegetables. She is not totally healthy and doesn’t even work out. Simply cutting what you eat and eating a little healthier is not the ideal. My sister really should start doing some type of group fitness class. She needs to do cardio, strength and balance training. Being slim is not the answer. My sister seems to think she is perfect now and her body is the ideal. Well, I can’t be the one to tell her that she could make it better. That kind of confidence is impressive. But, I hope someday she does want to move into healthier territory. There is a health and fitness center right near her house. She could work with a personal trainer and start small. Nutritional counseling is offered there as well. Maybe she is not eating as good as she thinks. Also she could put on weight as long as its muscle. At this point though, there is no talking to her.


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