My sister is an engineer for Colordyne

My sister just got a really cool job working for Colordyne printing industries. Colordyne is a company that deals with digital inkjet printers. These are not the basic or typical digital inkjet printers that you see in the classroom. Colordyne Technologies makes high speed and high resolution systems. These are the printers that make large banners and signs for stores and grocery marts. There are at least a hundred different products in their company portfolio. My sister has been an engineer for the past 15 years, and she is going to be working on a brand new project that deals with UV ink. UV ink is supposed to be great for many applications, because the ink can hold up through the different elements. UV ink can also hold up to many years of wear and tear. My sister had to move across the country to take the job with this printing manufacturer, but they compensated her with a very nice salary and company car. My sister is definitely the most successful person in our family, and she worked hard to get there. She spent 20 years working for another printer company. Then she had to start over, when that company shut its doors after 55 years in business. With technology constantly changing and information growing as a whole, it’s important to keep up with the growing needs of the business and its average consumer. Working on the UV ink project at Colordyne is going to give my sister a renewed sense of purpose, and that makes me really happy for her.


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