My school has a big air conditioner

The worst problem with school for me doesn’t have to do with the tests, the thirty hour early day commute, or even the low quality dinner, it’s the lack of cooling! You would guess that being in the deep south our school would be equipped to deal with theoverheatedand humid weather with a multitude of nice air conditioning units, however that sadly isn’t the case! The only source of cooling are a few ancient plus dusty ceiling fans in the classrooms, along with a few breezes of fresh air from an open window if you are lucky! The only air conditioning plan in the entire school is only in a single site, plus that site is in the principal’s office.

  • That’s a bit strange I would say, am I right? One afternoon after a single of our good pals suffered a heat stroke while I was in math class, our fellow classmates plus I decided that enough was enough.

The next afternoon the people I was with and I all walked out of the school plus demanded that the school do something about the lack of cooling in the school. The boycott lasted for nearly a week, plus eventually the people I was with and I got the message that the principal will be stepping down, plus they will immediately begin to install state of the art air conditioning units in all of the classrooms. It sure was a good feeling to believe that the people I was with and I were all able to come together to make a change, plus it feels even better knowing that our shady former principal paid the full price for being greedy with the air conditioner.



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