My routine

My nephew had his baptism earlier this week, as well as let me tell you – being in the home of the lord has never made me sweat so much! I don’t guess if that’s because I’m some kind of heathen, or if there was something easily wrong with the a/c in the building. Either way, I was so hot as well as uncomfortable in that arena that I was all too eager to leave early. Naturally that was hard to get away with, seeing as I was intended to be our nephew’s godfather. I should’ve known something was amiss as soon as I set foot in that church, because it felt as though there was little to no air circulation at all. As every one of us sat in the pews, I couldn’t stop covered in sweat no matter how much I fanned myself with a church brochure. An third into mass, every one of us were to begin the process of baptizing as well as I was looking around fervently to see if there was an Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair van parked outside, or maybe a guy in the building wearing a supplier uniform that was here to repair the air conditioner, and sadly there was not, as well as all I could find was more hot, humid misery. By the time I got up to the altar with our sibling as well as sister in-law, they’d asked me if I was feeling alright. That’s how badly I was covered in sweat from the lack of a/c in this arena! I was ready to dunk our head in the holy water if it meant cooling down. The ceremony was completed, as well as I was designated the godfather, but when every one of us left the church as well as got back into our cars, I sat with the air conditioning in the vehicle maxed out at full-blast! I’d never been so cheerful to be somewhere with a/c, even if it was just our own car.

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