My roommate refuses to buy an air conditioning for our place

When I moved in with my best friend, we got an apartment.

  • We found out once we moved in that it had no air conditioning.

I wasn’t worried, I was just glad that I was out of my parent’s. They weren’t trying to kick me out, I just wanted to have a place of my own. My friend and I decided that we’d be a good pair living together, so we went for it. After a few months of working once I was all moved in, I was able to afford an air conditioning for my personal bedroom.I wanted a window air conditioning unit for myself because I liked to regulate my own temperature. I told my friend that we could split the cost in half for an air conditioning unit in the living room. My friend straight up told me that he could not afford an air conditioning system. He told me that if I bought it, he’d pay his half when he could. I wasn’t really on board with that plan. I just told him that I’d wait for him to save the cash before we bought a heating and cooling unit for that room. A few months into the Summer, my friend started complaining that the house was way too hot. We still hadn’t gotten any air conditioning unit for any room but my own, so yeah, it was pretty hot. I wanted to make sure I kept my bedroom chilly, so my door was always closed so that our air conditioning wouldn’t have to work as hard, and so I’d get the temperature I wanted. One day I came home from work and found my door open. My roommate had opened my door while I was gone in an effort to cool down the rest of the house. That was the last straw! She can’t refuse to put money towards a heating and cooling unit, just to use my personal window a/c unit.


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