My roommate has to take control of the furnace

I’m in my late twenties, and I’ve been living with a roommate since I graduated high school.

I don’t really like having a roommate, but it’s an easy way to be able to afford living outside of your parent’s home.

Some of my roommates over the years haven’t been winners. My current roommate is pretty cool, but the problem now lies with our furnace. I enjoy the cold air that comes from our heating and cooling unit, but my roommate religiously uses the air conditioner. She doesn’t care about anyone else in the room, she has to have the temperature to her liking. She likes to be warm and sets the temperature to 85 degrees. I hate it.Our furnace is always running to maintain this temperature, but she always complains about the bill when she sees how much we pay each month. She even tries to get me to break the bill halfway. If I try to adjust the control unit to help our bill situation, it starts an argument because she can’t have the temperature be out of what she feels comfortable at. I don’t think she’s used to sharing space with anyone, let alone an air conditioner unit. I just hope tha she gets over it because this is how she lives now, with a roommate. One day I hope we can agree on similar furnace preferences.

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