My recreational room

My husband and I spent quite some time trying to find the house that we could afford.  We wanted a house that was rent to own, and that was in a nice neighborhood. We had been a really cheap and small apartment for so long, that we were ready for the change.  What we found was a sweet three bedroom home. There was enough room for our children when they came around, and it had a gorgeous and huge backyard. It had central HVAC, which made it even better.  My husband finally had the garage he always wanted, but instead of putting our car in it, he was planning on using it as his man cave, a.k.a. his recreation room. He started buying all kinds of things to make that space his own.  He kept saying that he only needed one more thing. I laughed when I saw the large screen television and the game console. It was funny when he put in the small refrigerator and the poker table. Then I saw him come home with an old pool table.  He came in and he told me that he only needed one more thing. He needed some kind of air conditioning for out there. The boys didn’t want to watch football, if it was too hot. He came across this small ductless HVAC system. It was portable and able to be installed in no time.  He loves his AC so much that he forgets to come in the house. What he did before he had his rec room, I don’t know.

AC installation