My recreational room is a problem

When my wife and I moved from our tiny apartment, we knew that we wanted to get a home.  We were hoping to be able to get into a nice house with a rent to own option. When we looked at this one house, we knew that it was going to be perfect for us.  She was drawn to the three huge bedrooms and the nice kitchen, and I finally had a huge garage to turn into my own personal rec room. I had everything planned out in my head as to where I was going to put the television.  I wanted to have a card table and chairs, and I needed to have a refrigerator for the beer and snacks. I even added a large gaming system to go with the television, but I knew that I needed one more thing. After all, it was football season all year round.  I put in a pool table. Even though we live in the north, I needed something to put some cool air into the garage. I also had to get rid of the humidity. Some of my friends kept telling me about these small portable air conditioning systems. I checked into the portable air conditioner, and they are fairly inexpensive for what they do.  They provide ventilation, and air conditioning, along with helping to rid the humidity in the area. I got one that I could put into the garage, and I was surprised at how strong that little portable air conditioner was. I didn’t even need to put it into a window. I simply put the exhaust hose out of a small corner of the window, and the portable AC did the work.

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