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I have had the same HVAC component for the last 16 years.  It was top of the line HVAC technology when I purchased it.  And, it still is drastically efficient. But, the aspect I am most thrilled with is the reliability quotient of our hearty HVAC unit.  This heating and cooling component has been through some incredibly hot summers and more than a few cold snaps. Never has our HVAC component failed us.  A big reason for the HVAC units longevity is the excellent repair it has received. From the day the heating and cooling component was installed, I have paid attention to being proactive with its care.  I instantly enrolled in a semi annual repair program after it was installed. Our HVAC guy has come out twice a year, every year since. He spends multiple hours inspecting the inner workings of the condenser plus the air handler.  The HVAC tech lubricates crucial parts while checking for worn components which need to be updated. I know this preventive care has been a crucial factor keeping the HVAC with a perfect operating record. I guess I have had something to do with it too.  My HVAC pro told me long ago how I could do our section in preserving the heating and cooling system. I constantly change the air filter every month. I’m sure to cruise through the house always checking to be sure all vents are open. Obstructions can also be a complication so, I look to be sure no vents or returns are covered up.  I figure if I do our section to keep the HVAC running well then, I’m only helping our own cause.

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