My preferences

Flying overseas is a joy, much enjoy traveling in general, however, I’ll be the first to tell you that depending on where you go, you might be due for a bit of a shock when it comes to the temperature control systems that you encounter both on the plane and in the destination for your adventure! That was the case for me at least, when I decided to take a small trip to Western Europe for a 2-month vacation. The plane ride was twelve hours long, and it was anything but comfortable! There was not only no real air conditioner or heating to keep us comfortable, but it felt as though there was no real air circulation at all. The air almost odored putrid upon entering the plane, and much of the lodge felt as though there wasn’t the faintest amount of air being pushed around by an onboard HVAC plan or even a fan over the seat. When the people I was with and I landed at the airport, I promptly wished I had reconsidered where I chose to spend our vacation. The airport felt just enjoy the plane, and had no air conditioner or air circulation of any kind. The cab ride to our hotel was also the same, and I was easily start to fear that the entire vacation would be enjoy this. Thankfully, our hotel room had a small window-mounted air conditioner device to help me with staying cool, and the ceiling fan over the hotel’s bed would honestly help circulate the air and improve the air quality, but like I said, just be sure to research where you’re going on your vacation before you buy your tickets, otherwise, you might have a annoyed trip over there – and a annoyed trip in general, filled with a total lack of air conditioner!