My poor mother

I am in the process of planning a family reunion for my mother’s side of the family.  We are going to numerous weird places and countries for this reunion. However, the countries all speak English, are safe, as well as have immense nature areas.  I am looking forward to taking my whole family to waterfalls, forts as well as ancient castles. The a single most important thing I need to make sure of is that my mother gets quality a/c! Right now my mother is going through menopause and if she doesn’t have adequate cooling she would be irritated. The countries I am planning for us to visit are all normally cold.  The colder locations tend to only have heating systems to manage their customers comfort instead of a/c. The warmest temperatures for most of the areas are around a cool 60 degrees. I bet all of those countries don’t have any cooling. What am I going to do for my mom? I have thought about bringing along a portable cooling system unit as well as checking it. I then could utilize the portable AC for my mom in each room that we are staying in. I actually don’t want to do this through with this plan. Can you imagine the cost of travelling with and checking a cooling system device? How crazy is that too? Right now I am hoping that the weather stays cool and that there will not be a need for the particular hotels that we are staying at to have a/c.  Most of the hotels have gyms. If they have gyms, it is a good possibility that they do have a/c at the location. If it is needed,I am hopeful I will find some great A/C for her so I don’t have to bring a portable unit. It would make for a much simpler trip for the entire family. Whatever happens a/c will have to magically appear for her.

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