My poor allergies

At the end of the summer, we get a lot of high winds around here on top of the ungodly heat.

When you mix that with the not so good air quality in this town, that adds up to allergy issues for me! I struggle with this every single year, and it has turned out to be a real headache to be honest.

I often end up having to call out of work for a day or two because my dust irritations get so bad. Sometimes, I can’t sleep. However, this year I finally found a solution thanks to learning about more information on dust irritations and the winds. I just had to buy some kind of air cleaner! Now, I could not afford what they call a “whole home air cleaner”, which would have been my dream cure. I found out that whole home air cleaners kill just about anyone’s poor air quality related dust irritations. However, because I could not afford a whole home air cleaner, I went with the next best thing. This is a portable air purification unit. These portable air cleaners are not as strong as a whole home air cleaner, however, as long as you place the portable air cleaner in the room that you’ll be sitting in, they do great work! I placed my portable air cleaner in the dining room, and I was able to sleep like a baby without the constant waking up sneezing, coughing, and not being able to breath. If the portable air purification unit could do this much, I could only imagine what a whole home a unit would do!

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