My Newly Installed Floor Heating System Drove The Dust Mites Away

After quite some time, we normally think our houses are safe from pollutants, dust and dust mites until one family member gets sick.

This happened to my baby boy who got sick with asthma even without much exposure from outside air.

As a one-year old kid, he likes to spend most of his time playing while enjoying the comfort of our heating system. I just want the best for my kid and thus, makes sure to vacuum the rooms regularly to maintain good indoor air quality. But then, I realized that my efforts were not enough and our air conditioning system did not fully protect us from invisible microbes and other particulates hanging in the air. It happened one day. My child stopped playing and was attack with a very bad coughing fit. His face turned red and he looked like he had trouble breathing. When I brought him to the doctor, it was diagnosed that dust mites were causing it. The doctor further suggested to improve our HVAC system, particularly this winter. Our heating device may not be enough to kill bacteria and viruses in the air. I and my husband talked intently about the matter and concluded that we need the intervention of an HVAC professional who can give advice on the best air conditioning system for our situation. The chosen HVAC company advised to use to use heated floors. This type of heating system does not only give even distribution of heat, it is also very effective in killing dust mites. The heater installation of the heated floors prove to be a bit expensive but the heater was very effective in managing the allergens that caused our child’s asthma. Now, we don’t have to worry about dust mites and other particles in the air. Our baby can now enjoy playing in the comfort of our homes as an efficient heating system is there to give us comfort and security all day long.


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