My new house needs new HVAC

My wife and I bought a new house and we knew it needed a new heating and air conditioning system.

I figured that the HvAC in the house had to have been installed when the house was built thirty years earlier.

It seems that when I turn up the thermostat, it takes a couple minutes for the furnace or the AC unit to respond. Apparently, we also need a new thermostat. We have already talked to the HVAC company to see what it would cost to have a new HVAC system installed in the house. They gave us an estimate for the cost of the equipment and installation, but I knew we could not afford that at that time. Now it is to the point where our friends don’t want to visit. Even our family is giving us a rough time about coming to the house and spending any time. I don’t even want to be here because of how uncomfortable it is. I can’t even afford to pay the energy bills anymore. My wife and I figured out our finances and we figured that with the savings we would have on the energy bill, we would be able to pay for the furnace and get a maintenance agreement, if they would be willing to accept the payment in four payments. I called and talked to the HVAC company. Our furnace, air conditioning unit and the new Smart Thermostat will be delivered and installed in just four days. I am already planning a party for all of our friends and family so they can check out the new HVAC system.
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