My new A/C unit is way too loud

After our recent divorce, I have taken on a lot more duties inside our home. I no doubt took these for granted and allowed my wife to do them for a long time. I’ve attempted to improve my terrible cooking skills while also taking up classes on budgeting and doing my taxes. Our split was probably due in part to my never acknowledging her hard work and all of the efforts she made around our house enough. It really shows now that she is gone. With that in mind, I take full responsibility for our splitting up. But, the best thing I can do is try to grow and try to improve as a human being. One other thing that I guess I need to get a better grip on is making large purchases. The skill that my ex wife excelled at the most was researching products and services before buying them. She knew all the right websites to visit for online reviews, and she read them all before she ever stepped foot in a store to look at options. There is a single major example of this that came up here over the past few weeks. I needed an up-to-date window air conditioner to use in place of the one that had finally died. It lasted for 15 years of solid use so I can’t complain regardless of the inconvenience of buying a new one. I went ahead and ordered a random machine without much research about it. I never expected to end up with a machine that is twice as loud as the old A/C unit was. And I made the big mistake of not verifying the noise level rating before buying the up-to-date window air conditioner. Now I have decided to take the machine back to the store and get a refund and another brand. This time I made sure to find a machine that was noted for its quietness.

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