My mother loves the self-evaporating portable air conditioner in my guest bedroom

At least once a month, my mother stays at my house for a weekend.

Ever since my dad passed away last year, things haven’t been easy for her.

At one point, her mortgage company threatened to foreclose on her house. She accidentally missed two payments while grief stricken and in the process of arranging my father’s funeral. Even though my attorney sorted the matter out, my mom’s depression is still a daily concern. Therefore, I fashioned my guest bedroom in my house as a literal home away from home for her. I encourage her to stay as often as she likes, for as long as she likes. But, she still insists on letting me have “my space,” so she doesn’t stay for longer than three or four days a time. For the longest time, I have had a single central air conditioner in my house. It is a standard split system with the air handler inside and the condenser outside. I have a standard thermostat with basic digital controls. Unfortunately, my guest bedroom faces the sun for the majority of the afternoon, making it naturally warmer than any other place in my house. Since my mother likes the indoor climate colder than I do, I always have to turn the thermostat a lot lower than I would dream of doing if she wasn’t staying over. This isn’t cheap either, and I could see the effect on my electric bill. As a solution, I decided to buy a ductless mini split to put in the guest bedroom. It’s like having a separate split-style HVAC system for just a single room. Like my central split system, it has a condenser unit that sits outside and a cooling unit that is installed on an interior wall. Having this separate air conditioner for my mother’s bedroom means that she can control the temperature to her liking 24 hours a day whenever she is staying at my house.


Ductless multi split