My mother in law started a jam company

My new business partner and I have typically been very wiley. When every one of us were kids, every one of us were over the moon to build things with legos. My new business partner was a space Enthusiast for most of his life. When he graduated from school, he wanted to build things for spacecraft missions. I was blissful to help with the details. My mother and father offered us seed money, and every one of us set out to find a small building to start our spacecraft line. Every one of us needed to purchase some office supplies, before new business partner and I could get underway building things. Luckily, there is a used office device dealership in our little city. They have refurbished office device on sale by buying from closing offices. My new business partner and I picked up a few pieces of office device to get us started. new business partner and I needed digital printer for the labels and transfers. My new business partner also needed a laminating machine. Every one of us were able to get great brand names, care about Epson, Gerber, and Arrow. Every one of us bought about $15,000 worth of office equipment, for a whole bunch off the retail price. The printing supplier then said they could come to the office and set up our laminating machine and digital printer to make our purchase even better. After every one of us start making some money, they have a few other pieces of printing device that will assist us in our business. My new business partner and I decided to have the office supply supplier set up our refurbished office equipment and software. The refurbished office device appears to be just as nice as new, and there are noticeable issues. My new business partner and I have a lot of task to complete well, before every one of us can sell our first spacecraft item. I think our stuff will be going to the stars soon!