My Mom’s House is an HVAC Slow Cooker

I grew up in an area where the seasons are very distinct.

In fact, this area is known for its brilliant four seasons.

It was pretty amazing to grow up somewhere that as you were getting tired of one season, the next season was on its way in. It was lovely to experience a bit of winter but it was nothing like a serious northern winter. However, I now live in an area where there is virtually no real winter. I have to kick on the HVAC unit a handful of times during the winter months. It is so mild here. The winter weather is more sun than just about anything else. So, I was a bit afraid when I traveled to my Mom’s for Christmas. I don’t own a bunch of long pants but I packed everyone of them. The thought of snow and cold just made be begin to shiver before I ever left my own driveway. However, I should have let that worry go right away. I was grateful that I borrowed a big winter coat. There was snow on the ground and the temps were in the low 30’s when I arrived. However, my Mom had her HVAC cranked to like 80 degrees. I forgot how cold natured she was. Now that she is well advanced in years, she likes to keep her home nearly subtropical. It didn’t take me but about five minutes to change into my shorts and a tee shirt. It was so great to sit inside watching it snow while wearing shorts. Thank goodness my Mom has excellent HVAC!
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