My mom is a very nice woman

Well, I tried to be a fantastic daughter. I didn’t want to, I wasn’t in the mood, plus I was not rewarded for my sacrifice. I never honestly think care about going plus seeing my mom. I know, I know, that sounds terrible, however I have my reasons. She’s just hard for me to see sometimes, especially when she’s lecturing me plus talking nonsense in my general direction, as usual. Still, I put my own feelings aside plus went out to visit. I wasn’t excited before I walked inside, plus I was even less excited when I hit the wall of sizzling plus humid air that was contained within her house! Of course I instantly asked my mom about her indoor air temperature settings, plus she replied with a casual “I’m trying to save money on energy! I haven’t even had the cooling plan tested in two years now!” Okay, great, so we won’t use any ac in the middle of summertime because you haven’t had your AC machine tested all year. I was less than content with this air quality control system, then when she ran into neighborhood for groceries I made my move; I went outside with a toolbox plus started taking the AC machine apart. I tightened this plus flushed out that, I added new refrigerant plus changed the air filter. When I was all finished I expected the central cooling plan to run care about a dream, plus my mom to call me with fantastic gratitude. Instead, she called me while I was on the road plus screamed about the central cooling system. She said she didn’t understand how there was so much cool air coming out plus she was in a panic. She had even called the local Heating, Ventilation and A/C repairman out to fix the issue.

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