My lady, the talented artist

My lady is a truly talented artist, but she mostly prefers to do artwork on various buildings to make them look beautiful.

She has done artwork on all kinds of odd buildings, plus she gets paid to do it.

She has painted all types of extraordinary artwork on various buildings, including local restaurants, zoos, museums, plus other office buildings! I have to admit, I suppose poor for her when it’s a blazing tepid afternoon plus she’s up on a ladder doing her artwork, however the artwork is absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder she makes such nice money doing this. Some days I will go to where she is laboring plus give her ice-freezing water to drink. I tell her she should take a break often so she can cool down with some a/c inside, although she insists on continuing to do her work. She mostly doesn’t enjoy to stop for anything, even if it’s for some a/c. She just wants to get the job done, plus she doesn’t enjoy to stop to mess up her creative process. I suppose enjoy she gets miserable whenever I tell her she should take a break, plus she just tells myself and others she is laboring. It’s not so poor when she is laboring indoors plus does customized artwork on the walls. Then she has full access to excellent weather conditions control plus she just flies through the work, then even in our own household, she has done some beautiful customized art. She is into mythical creatures enjoy gnomes, fairies, plus elves, so she has painted things enjoy that on our walls.

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