My kid talked to myself and others about doing homeuniversity

I thought maybe it was a good method to just let him be homeuniversityed

I was shocked the other day when our kid said he would prefer to be homeuniversityed. I asked him what was going on in university plus then he started talking to myself and others about all kinds of complications. He said he was being bullied by a bunch of adolescents. He said it originally started when he kept asking the lecturers if they could adjust the temperature control settings. He was saying that it was too hot in various classrooms plus it was causing him to sweat profusely. He said that with just a little air conditioning, he would have been just fine. The bullies were making fun of him for not being able to take the heat plus for the fact that he was dripping with sweat in the classroom. I thought this might not be good for his socializing although I realized that with all this bullying going on in the university, this was not helpful to him either. I also considered the fact that there are all these university shootings plus bomb threats constantly going on these days. I thought maybe it was a good method to just let him be homeuniversityed. I figured I could get him into martial arts or some category of extracurricular activities where he would be able to get his social interaction with peers so he could still have friends plus all. When I started the homeuniversitying program with him, he was so cheerful because all of us consistently keep the ideal temperature control settings in our home. I’ve noticed a sizable improvement in his overall happiness plus he’s also doing good in his martial arts class where he says they keep the a/c going strong.


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