My kid reminded me that we were late with decreasing the air filter

My kid is awesome, then a long while back, I had her helping me with decreasing the air filter for the Heating and A/C system, then she was so excited to be helping like that, I let her take the aged air filter out & put the new one in.

She was so blissful about it, & she listened to everything I was telling her, and i let her believe that we had to change the air filter every other week.

She even drew a picture of us decreasing the air filter together, & she made a note on the picture that they had to be changed every other week! Well recently, I wasn’t even thinking about the Heating and A/C plan repair because I was so busy & busy with our work, however then one morning she came to me & showed me the picture of us decreasing the air filter. She was easily drastic & said, “Dad, we need to change the air filter, did you forget!?” I was taken aback because she was right, I did forget. I thanked her for reminding me & I thought that was such a cute picture of us decreasing the air filter together. She was so excited to change the air filter again with me. She was saying that the aged air filter was so dirty & it was a enjoyable thing we had the new one. That air filter easily was blocked pretty bad with too much dirt. The Heating and A/C plan had to have been struggling pretty bad, but because she did such a enjoyable task of reminding me about this important Heating and A/C plan repair, I decided to take a little split from labor & took her out for some ice cream.

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