My job as a recruiter for the HVAC school in our area

I spent most of my working like working as an HVAC technician for a large union in my state. I have spent countless hours working on broken furnaces and malfunctioning air conditioners, striving to keep the customers happy and comfortable. I can’t tell you how many countless hours that I have spent installing brand new HVAC equipment in houses that were being built, knowing that this house would soon be a finished product with an HVAC unit that would last them a long time without any trouble or need to call my HVAC company. However, in recent years, the HVAC company that I work for sends me to high schools to recruit prospective students into our HVAC program to train more workers for the future. While I have found that not as many younger students are interested in learning how to repair and install HVAC equipment, I have found quite a few. Usually, we look for students who spend a lot of time in shop classes and hands-on courses, knowing that they will be naturals when it comes to HVAC units! Some of the hardest times that I ever had in this job is when students are super excited about joining the HVAC school before they eventually back out. I invest hours teaching them and answering all their questions, just before they decide to go to college instead of an HVAC school. It breaks my heart to think of all that student debt! If they stayed with the HVAC company, they would get paid to learn instead of paying for it all with debt! And they would learn a valuable skill that will not likely go away!

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